About Emu Oil

  • Promotes faster relief as a superior skin supplement.
  • Transports products quickly through the skin, getting ingredients to the source of the problem, allowing Over-The-Counter (OTC) and cosmetic products to work better.
  • Is a natural, odorless anti-inflammatory with no side effects.
  • Is high in the essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and beneficial 9.
  • Is a natural product with diverse applications used by consumers of all ages.
  • Helps combat the effects of the aging process. Research has shown Emu Oil can thicken the skin, which reduces the appearance of aging.
  • Used by many medical specialists who have discovered the benefits of Emu Oil and have adapted it into their treatment techniques.
  • Is a natural, environmentally friendly product.
  • Ensures consumer safety when it is AEA Certified Fully Refined according to the Emu Oil Trade Rules.

Let's look at the SCIENCE and we'll share the secrets of this POWERFUL ingredient

Registered pharmacist Allen Strickland provides a short chemistry lesson to explain why Emu Oil works.

Testing done by Strickland revealed that the carbons in Emu Oil have a number of double and triple bond carbons. The presence of the multiple bonds allows the oil to be unsaturated. There was also noted a lack of phospholipids. This chemical structure allows the oil to be readily absorbed by human skin.

Another pharmacist offered that phospholipids are polar compounds, which means they carry an electrical charge at one end. Polar compounds do not pass through the skin as readily as non-polar compounds. The lack of phospholipids in Emu Oil, or the oil's non-polarity, could well explain why the oil penetrates so well and would be so useful for compounding drugs.

Other noted authorities on the properties of Emu Oil, Desmond Williams and George Hobday, have indicated the apparent properties of Emu Oil are: polyunsaturated fatty acid, skin penetrating, anti-inflammatory agent, bacteria static, and emulsifies easily.

Not only Deep Penetration, but also Low Irritation!

The majority of anti-inflammatories on the market today produce side effects that are often so severe, the consumer must weigh their benefits against their side effects. However, in the case of Emu Oil, laboratory irritation tests conducted by Emu Ranchers Inc. in 1991 revealed that even at full strength, Emu Oil generated irritation levels so low, the results were comparable to that of water.

In laboratory and clinical tests, as well as marketing studies for new products, pure Emu Oil and compounds formulated with it have generated surprisingly little irritation. Even current research on the oral consumption of bacteria-free Emu Oil has yet to reveal adverse side effects from oil use. A pharmaceutical grade of Emu Oil possessing anti-inflammatory properties with minimal side effects could alleviate the most pressing concerns regarding the use of anti-inflammatories in the medical profession today.

Experts' experience confirms the science...

Edna Hennessee of the Cosmetic Specialty Labs, Inc., notes that ingredients from natural sources provide an excellent base for cosmetics. "In my 53 years in this business, I have found that it is very difficult to duplicate (synthetically) what nature has provided. That Emu Oil is simply good stuff," she asserts.1

Dr. Patty Headly of Tonkawa, Oklahoma, and Dr. Ron Westbrook of Decatur, Texas, have used Emu Oil in their Chiropractic Businesses. Their patients have experienced the benefits of Emu Oil. "I have started using massage treatments in my practice," explained Dr. Headly. "Since I have been doing massage, Emu Oil has become a major part of my practice. I do both massage and adjustments and the Emu Oil is used virtually from head to toe. People with chronic shoulder and knee problems get help from the adjusting, but the Emu Oil really does the final trick during the massage. I find it absolutely amazing."

"I can get results using chiropractic alone on lower back pain." said Dr. Headly. "However, it seems that when I use the Emu Oil in conjunction with the chiropractic, the relief is quicker and the muscles stay relaxed longer, and therefore the treatment lasts longer."

According to Dr. Ron Westbrook, he has been using the Emu Oil in his practice for years, and he and his patients both enjoy the comforts that accompany using the oil rather than the conventional conductive gels and creams.

"What I enjoy most about using the Emu Oil is that I have more freedom of motion when massaging," said Dr. Westbrook. "The patient is more comfortable because I am not pulling on the skin, and there are no offensive odors such as you have with the conventional creams. However, the most significant observation that I have made is that the treatments with the oil last longer than without. The oil relaxes the muscles so well that the treatments hold for a longer period of time," he explained.2

Dr. Thom Leahey of the Arthritis Clinic in Ardmore, Oklahoma, had this to say about a study he conducted to determine thr effect Emu Oil had on hands plagued by arthritis: "The research is imperative. The initial results and potential are so exciting. In the last few weeks, I've begun recommending the use of Emu Oil as part of a regular treatment program for patients. I've observed some very surprising results. The oil is very economical compared to regular arthritis medicines, and appears to have fewer side effects. It's very encouraging to find something that may help relieve the suffering associated with arthritis, and it's very exciting to be a part of a project that may impact the quality of life for so many people."3

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